Need a recommendation for 1/2 AA batteries

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    I have purchased TADIRAN TL-5902 1/2AA batteries, but my Z-wave sensor is eating them for breakfast. The original battery lasted more than a year. Each Tadiran lasts about 1-2 months. Very poor result
    Anyone dealt with good quality 1/2 AA batteries? Where do you buy them please?

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    Get some LiFePo4, like the kit from soshine (4 batteries + 2 connectors)

  • @gohan I have a sensor like this

    Tue battery 1/2 AA is inside and I cannot fit in other batteries as the space is limited.

    FYG - I did place an order a month ago for Soshine LiFeSo4 batteries and they are still in a snail mail. All sensors can powered directly from them.

  • Hello, has anyone here used LiFePO4 batteries to power MySensors nodes ?
    The look really interesting for low power nodes in 10440 format :

    low capacity compared to li-ion but somewhere between 200 and 280mAh which is ample for over a year
    low self discharge which allows to survive the full year
    maximum voltage below the NRF24 max so no need for a regulator with measure!
    minimum voltage around 2V but with a light load if I believe the discharge curves I see over 90% of the capacity is available with a voltage over 2.7V meaning most of the capacity can be used without changing the bootloader and BOD.
    As it's a bit rare and expensive (at least for sellers offering delivery in my country 😞 ) and it needs a special charger I would like to have some feedback from people who are using some.

    Thank you for reading 🙂

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    I'm using them, I got the ones from soshine and the stated capacity is just a little more than the one measured by the charger.

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