Does the simple security option work for a serial gateway?

  • I'm building a system in which I'd like the users to easily change the password of not only the nodes (with the Simple Security option), but also the gateway.

    So far I've been using the Raspberry Pi ethernet gateway. But I haven't been able to get that to work.

    So my question: if the user creates a serial gateway and uses the Simple Security option in that sketch, does that take care of enabling encryption on the gateway?

    Is it really that simple?

    If so, this would solve my problem of allowing users to easily change the password without having to recompile the gateway software on the Pi.

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    @alowhum I am not an expert on the rPi implementation of the settings, but I do believe the rPi extracts config data from a config file so yes, I suppose you could use the simple security option on the rPi and the nodes without having to rebuild the GW. Do note that the GW and the nodes have to agree on the password for any communication to work. And I also think the GW needs to be restarted if the config file changes.

  • I'm not sure I understand completely.

    Why would I need to change anything on the pi if I use a serial Arduino gateway? Wouldn't the Arduino take care of the encryption with all the nodes?

    My expectation/assumption is that from the Raspberry Pi's perspective it will just see a normal unencrypted Arduino gateway with which it communicates over serial.

    If I create an Arduino to use as the gateway, then I don't need to install any MYSensors software on the Pi, right? Then in Domoticz I just select "MySensors Serial Gateway" and I'm done?

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    @alowhum sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, that is correct. But you have to recompile the GW if you change key. Your controller remain unaffected.

  • Perfect. Thanks!