My very first mysensors node!

  • Hi!

    I'm starting my home automation journey and the architecture will be autonomous mysensors-nodes also controlled by Home Assistant.
    Maybe some sonoff's for some special needs.

    My house has 3 floors and the middle floor is 100% renovated 5 years ago so there I have to make compromises but the other two floors we are renovating and also recabling all the electrics so it's easy to get all cables routed to a central place for automation control.

    I already have Home Assistant running a few months and its collecting sensor data from my geothermal heat pump, UPS device and some software running on my home server.

    This first node is a kind on POC and wife approval node. It goes to a hallway in my basement which we are renovating at the moment.
    The node has:

    • 5V power from the AIO (maybe I'll need a fuse? or this
    • Arduino Pro Mini 5V for the brains
    • NRF24 radio
    • DHT22 for temperature and humidity
    • A relay to control lights
    • Standard Finnish light switch (existing one)
    • Hall sensor for laundry room door

    The idea is to make the system fault tolerant and not dependant of Home Assistant which I have to update from time to time and which runs on RPi3 which can fail.

    Other nodes I'm planning:

    • Water pump monitoring and control
    • Electricity monitor
    • Freezer monitoring
    • Laundry room machines monitoring
    • Lights inside and outside of the house
    • Temperature sensors to all rooms
    • Control of under-floor heating valves (21 at the moment)


  • Congratulations 🙂