MQTT Gateway + wi-fi instead of ethernet

  • Hello!
    Can somebody already did MQTT Gateway with wi-fi instead of ethernet? Is this possible? Please share your code and circuit.

  • @vladimir Can you put more details, like the gateway will be running on a Rpi or arduino.

    If its a Rpi, then I have not tried yet, but for arduino, the overhead of adding a wifi shield and configuring it will be too much.
    one way is to use a arduino YUN board which has inbuilt wifi and libraries. Or best go ahead with ethernet.

    I gave up personally the wifi after trying a lot. If you come out with the solution do share, I would also love to have a look.

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    Did you try using the esp8266 module ? I think it could be possible to build a gateway with it, I'm waiting mine to arrive to test it out.

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    Although it should not be too difficult to make the MQTT Gateway with WiFi work on hardware and software level it is a bad idea on system level:

    WiFi and MySensensor NRF24L01+ use the same 2.4 GHz band and with the antennas close a transmit from one will block the other and vice-versa.

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