How do commercial products achieve continuous receive (like in battery powered wireless weather stations)?

  • Hi everyone,

    I wonder how more or less cheap commercial products like e.g. wireless weather stations (often 433MHz) achieve a continuous wireless connection with both parties battery powered?
    So far this looks impossible to me with RFM95 or NRF24; is the implemented hardware in those products that different? Or are there other tricks I could implement myself in own products (short transceive windows come to mind, probably necessitating some form of synchronization)?



  • @Joost there are some projects on (Mysensors based) and they claim of good battery life —like 10years.

    Have a look 👀

  • @Puneit-Thukral
    Hi, thanks, checked again, but I did not find any battery operated receiving sensors there; also search did not give any results related to "receive" and other terms alike.
    Mind sharing a link or two?

  • @Joost I did misread your initial post - the keyword in your question "both parties". I haven't come across something like that because I never look for it. In my setup, I can easily power a gateway with continuous uninterrupted power supply.
    A listening device must always be on unless both the sender and receive have some sort of an agreement as to when the sender will transmit data - so that they receiver can wake up, listen to data and sleep again.

    I am not technically sound at all when it comes to programming - but then there are others here who may have the skill to draw up a sketch which does that.

    However, if you are looking to a battery operated temperature/humidity node - yeah those are available.


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