Suggestions for my setup? Very new here.

  • Been slowly working on my home automation setup over the year buying commercial sensors, but it occurred to me a few months ago I could probably build some stuff with arudino and that eventually led me here.


    • powerful server which runs homeassistant in docker

    • a zwave/zigbee dongle

    • few sensors (haven't had much time to mess with rules)

    • influxdb, grafana, chronograf installed on another container on the same server

      arduino run sensors in many rooms in my house which include (in order of priority):

    • motion

    • light

    • humidity

    • temperature

    • VOC

    • PM2.5 etc

    • sound

    I planned on doing

    arduino sensors -> (UDP) -> influxdb <- (homeassitant influxdb plugin) <- homeassistant -> (scripts and rules) -> devices

    for the automation, and viewing data with grafana as necessary. I was HOPING to set up all these sensors in a single arduino and creating a custom enclosure, have it 3d printed, and mount them throughout my house.


    • I chose homeassistant because it's more popular and I know python well.
    • I chose UDP over MQTT, because it eliminated an MQTT broker and probably something like Telegraf to get arduino mqtt to influxdb (I think).
    • I know mostly about the upstream computing. The hardware/electronic side I'm very much a newbie.

    Any comments? Suggestions? Critiques?

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    @jo34l5 your best start is probably to read the getting started guide:

    It describes what MySensors is designed for. After reading that, you’ll better equipped to determine if MySensors is useful for you.

  • Well, sounds like you have the basics of a decent system going. The most important thing is probably the interest, and you seem to have that. Everything else can be learned, bought, etc. given enough resources (time, money).

    After reading your other thread, it's not even clear MySensors meets your needs, but if it might or you are not dead set on using Wi-Fi (or consider it in combination with other things), then I would encourage you to stick around and read. And I mean read a lot. You will learn a lot here, and you will need it before you will be ready to put together anything that actually has a chance of working. It took me literally years (but maybe you are smarter than me 😉 ).

    I am not sure I would be shying away from MQTT at this point. In fact personally I am rebuilding my controller and gateway setups recently, and decide this time to go MQTT. I'm sure you have your reasons, but it seems to me that quite a lot of different things are converging on or via MQTT these days, and with good reason. It seems to be a legitimate, quite open, and well adopted standard that is rapidly becoming a lot of the glue between disparate systems. Having said that, there are lots of different ways to skin a cat...

    HomeAssistant is a fine choice that many people make. I haven't used it, but haven't heard much if anything bad. 👍

  • This webpage might help [](link url) there are motion & thermal sensor, or even people counting if you want to check how many people are inside your home (while you are not there… haha)

  • Thanks for the replies. I'll look into it. I'm not set on WIFI in any means, I do have zigbee, zwave, wifi so one of those would have been the most logical to jump off of, AND ill have plug-in power to all my sensor clusters. But also I do like the reliability of mesh-type systems than WIFI (have personally experienced how horrible those wifi bulbs are and those generally turned me off to WIFI but now WIFI looked to be my easiest entrypoint into DIY sensors (TCP/IP, UDP, ports, WPA this stuff I understand somewhat already). But I may prototype two different versions and see how mysensors meets my needs.

    Thanks for your help. I'll do more reading.

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