FOTA possibilities for remote sensor network

  • I am currently using GSM MQTT gateways on a sensor network. The gateway consists of a Moteino Mega (RFM95W) connected to a SIM800 module. It connects to a Mosquitto server and Mycontroller is also running on the same server.
    I need a way to do FOTA. Any suggestions? Was thinking of changing the gateway to a Raspberry pi if it could help in finding a solution.

  • In general, yes, the MySensors framework (library?) should support FOTA a couple different ways (read more at link). Were you aware of this, or is there some problem with your particular hardware?

    @NielBierman said in FOTA possibilities for remote sensor network:

    Raspberry pi

    I don't know yet whether you even need to change your gateway from microcontroller (uC) to Single Board Computer (SBC) or not. However if you do (or are looking for a controller, or whatever), by all means, please do yourself (and all of us) a favor and do a little more research as there are lots of better options out there for SBC nowadays, than RPi!

    For me, uC have been fine for gateway although I do use some SBC for controllers, MQTT broker, and various other GNU/Linux based servers/services and they are wonderful for that. But perhaps your needs are different from mine.

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