Collective purchase order of RFM69W radios (Paris area)

  • Hello!

    I'll post a quick message on the forums this time 😛

    I will surely run out of RFM69W radios in the coming weeks, since I will finish one of my projects and I have a few other ideas of sensors to build.
    I am planning to order something like 10 RFM69W radios directly to HopeRF (its manufacturer) to be sure I get genuine parts.

    So, I thought: why not do a collective purchase order, so that we can all reduce shipping costs? 🙂

    Regarding the price of the radios, HopeRF sold them $2.60 each almost 2 years ago. The shipping cost was $8 (EMS packet) or $30 (DHL) and there was a $2 paypal charge.

    A friend of mine would also be interested in ordering 10 radios, so we are two for the moment. Is there anyone in the Paris area also interested?
    Once received, I could give you the radios in person in Paris since I work there.


  • I have not had any trouble just buying my radios the normal way on AliExpress. To me normal means buying about 10 or 20 at a time from the cheapest seller I can find with a high number of sales under their belt and a good reputation. I am getting nRF24 though, not sure if situation is different with RFM59W.

    I think most of the stuff you read in forums about fakes was from years ago. Or maybe I am just lucky.

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