is there a list of supported MCU platforms?

  • I cannot seem to find a simple, current list of the supported MCU platforms. I am particularly thinking of cortex M0 and M4. Teensy' and adafruit in particular.
    Can anyone provide or point to such a list please.
    Many thanks

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    @Njwyborn my guess would by, if you can program an MCU via the Arduino IDE it should be supported. Of course the ones with smaller ram and heap might lack resources. But other than that they should all work.

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    It might not be the first place people look, but the description of the MySensors library, as presented by the Arduino Library Manager contains this:

    Create your own wireless sensor mesh using nRF24L01+, RFM69 and RFM95 radios running on AVR, ESP32, ESP8266, NRF5x, SAMD, STM32F1 and Teensyduino.


    An alternative can be to look at

    I suspect there are some ifs and buts though, since there can be many variations on the different architectures.

  • For the sake of completeness, there's also this graph on the overview page in the getting started section, which covers all (officially) supported architectures, internal and gateway transports.

  • Thank you all, the last offering is ideal. As it happens, it also covers the device I wish to use, for physical size and program storage capacity. Teensy' 3.2

    Many thanks, look as I might I couldn't find it.

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