Maybe mysensors should become a "brave verified creator"

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    @hek That way mysensors can receive tips from Brave browser users, especially now that more and more people have turned on ad blockers, the better to block malware.

    I've moved over to using the Brave browser for internet surfing, and so far I'm liking it. [I'm reserving firefox for browser access to local network computers and VM's.]

    If there's a way to also pass through some fraction of those tips to forum posters who gather a lot of "attention," in the the technical sense that it's defined by Brave or similar browsers, then maybe it would help motivate lurkers to post worthwhile content, thereby breathing some fresh life into the forum. It seems like lurkers outnumber posters by at least 100x, so there's a lot of potential. Tying rewards to measured attention would reward worthwhile posts, thereby (hopefully) producing more of them, so it becomes a virtuous circle to bring in more talent. This kind of model obviously worked out very well for youtube.

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    Do you know how the brave browser identifies itself?

    This is the last 30 days browsers that has hit the site:


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    @hek From what I've read, to better avoid browser fingerprinting, Brave apparently camouflages itself as Chrome: That would make sense, since there would be less uniqueness if mixed into a larger pool, and Chrome has the largest pool by far. Perhaps that would mean you'd be getting tips from seemingly "out of the blue". Brave is pretty new, but there's a good chance the idea might catch on when people realize it works in their best interests.

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