Looks as though the raspberry pi pico will provide 16-bit PWM duty-cycle resolution

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    Contrast that 65535 step resolution to the 255 step duty-cycle resolution on Arduino's, and that is a big improvement for control of, say, a DIY DC-DC converter. For instance, if you want to build your own DIY solar MPPT boost converter (good luck finding one to buy in the commercial market. Probably 99%+ of those are step-down MPPT controllers, with only a rare bird being a step-up MPPT controller). The pi pico's are just $4 each at mouser and Adaruit ( https://www.adafruit.com/product/4864 ) for the genuine article, not some sketchy knock-off. Just thought I'd mention it, as I think most people aren't aware of it. I'm not sure whether or not a more stripped down version of the pi pico would consume significantly less current. If so, then it might be quite compelling: a fully formed pi pico board for $4 vs. an atmega328p chip alone for $3 (note: as a reference, these are present market prices on mouser).

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