controlling multiple distributed relays

  • hi, great project...

    i would like to control multiple relays on different nodes from the same input.
    what affect would one of these relay nodes disappearing at times .ie in a truck and would be missing at times would it have to be reset upon return.

  • Admin

    You'll have to address each node you want to control. So if you want to turn on relays on five nodes means you have to send out five messages.

    The behaviour if one of the nodes disappears is up to the controller (of sending node). If could just send and forget without any ack. Or retry a few times. So it is basically up to the sender.

  • thanks for the help..

    is there a way to send.msg directly to another node without mucking with "MyMessage".
    ie.. sent a msg on the fly to fire a relay on another module.
    i have looked through the api and don't really understand how i can send it with out upsetting the rest of the sketch.

    thanks again hope it makes sense.


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