Mysensors bootloader

  • I would like to start using this bootloader on all my mysensors boards as I put some in tricky to reach areas and it is a PITA to have to change them!

    I read a couple threads with some instructions but I wondering is there an official page? That has caveats etc? Seems like a no brainer to use the bootloader.

    Also what hardware do I need to program it?

    Thanks muchly!

  • Admin

    There isn't any official page for this yet as this has mostly been experimental features. We should probably set one up at some time.

    To send out an OTA firmware I would recommend using the MYSController which has a nice GUI for it.

    But you still need to compile your code and grab the hex-file to send. All this isn't exactly beginner-level stuff. Would have been nice if someone could wrap all this up and incorporate it in the Arduino IDE or something.