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    We have some really sad news.

    An unfortunately series of events led to loss of the last 26 days of forum data (posts, users and images). The backup system has not been functional during this period leading to the loss of about 20 topics and a few hundred posts.

    Hope you will help us re-create the most important informative posts we've lost.

    The backups will be monitored in the future.

  • Big loss... Hope users will stay here. Forum needs help more than ever.

  • Bummer. This loss over that time period totally erased my existence on this forum. I'll be re-posting all the data I've collected under similar topic names.

  • Arhhh - no big problem. It will help clean up the conversations!!

    If you know a topic name - for example the auto fill of the URLs in your browser will hold the names of those recently browsed. Then you can search on those in Goggle and dial up the cached page of the topic. Best to do it before Goggle overwrites them:

    Efficiency of 1V to 5V step-up module.txt

    I also had to recreate my log in and my reputation has been trashed as well !!

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    Too bad then backups dont work as its thought.

    Btw, Why have this forum design made for tablets? I guess most users actually sit by a real computer. I aleast prefer a standard phpbb instead of this design. I think its hard navigated.
    Keep up the good work!

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    @a-lurker said:

    Efficiency of 1V to 5V step-up module.txt

    Great. Will try this for a couple of threads.

  • @hek This is everything i can get from google cache - .

  • Ouch. Data loss is rough. I exist again, though!

  • Major Loss for a newbie like me.
    Hope you have the patience to rebuild also the a b c

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    Anything particular you are missing?

  • @Nicola-Reina It is hard time but don't give up!

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    I'm seeing some strange results, with not all the messages in a thread showing up - sometimes.

    1. I click on Recent (or Unread) and then choose the battery boost thread. I scroll to the bottom and it stops after about 18 (A-Lurker's message). No messages from me.

    2. I look at my own message from my profile to find my messages on that thread, or I follow the alert/bell thing if somebody has mentioned me on the thread - and I see the whole thread including my own posts.

    This has happened on separate days, same thread truncation point. It looks like the BBS software has some bug where in certain circumstances it doesn't display the whole thread.

    EDIT. I just used Unread and then selected the 1.4 Beta thread. It shows 26 messages, the last one 2 days ago (despite being one of the most recent threads in the "unread" list). When I go into the thread, the popup in the upper right offers to take me to the last read position, but when I click on it, it disappears as usual but nothing happens (presumably because the last position is below where the currently displayed thread stops). Since I don't have a post below the truncation point, I don't have a link to show the latest messages in that thread.

    EDIT. On the 1.4 Beta thread (which shows 26 of 26 as the last message), I added "/27" to the URL in the browser, and voila - messages 27 and 28 on that thread are now visible (tho at the top it still thinks there are only 26 messages on the thread).

    I don't know if it's the browser's AJAX, or some caching issue or what, but it's definitely screwy.

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    @Zeph I experienced similar behaviour. I browse using Chrome on x64, but browsing on Android seems to behave even worse. The popup which suggests to jump to the unread part of a thread doesn't work on my Android devices anymore...
    @hek Did the forum software version change with the restore?

    Update: Some 'ammunition':
    I clicked on a post which should have a new message and scrolled all the way down. Stood there for a while and then the browser showed me:


    Then I did a reload and it changed to (what it should be):


    So it does show there are 24 posts, but only 21 are shown...

    (Awesome feature that images can be just copy-pasted into the editor btw!)

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    Yep, had to upgrade to latest in order to convert the old backup (don't ask me why, just couldn't get our last version working with the older backup-data, spend about 6h trying different things before giving up).

    Also seen a few bugs in the current 0.4.3 (from nodebb master). On mac the preview window wont show if I make window smaller than about half the screen.

    I have reported a few of the bugs I've seen to the nodebb team and will keep an eye on this (and update forum again when things get fixed) They seem pretty fast.

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    first the email digest is non functionnal...

    also on android I don't see what I type, no possibilitu to resize...

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    This early truncation of threads is making the forum extra work to read.

    The workaroundL You see a likely unread thread using the upper-left icon and view it, scroll down to find nothing unfamiliar. So edit the URL to add one to the comment number. Zing - the rest of the messages show now. (Or at least more of them, I haven't tried immediately repeating the same technique).

    There's a lot of good info and knowledgeable, helpful contributors here - the software bugs are the biggest detraction, I hope they fix them soon. The other challenge is organization - the threads tend to drift, and some great stuff is written where it may be hard to find again; we do that to ourselves.

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    @Zeph said:

    The other challenge is organization - the threads tend to drift, and some great stuff is written where it may be hard to find again; we do that to ourselves.

    I agree, that is why I suggested a split in another thread.
    The problem sometimes is that one discussion leads to another and, unless the discussion is moving in a clear direction, it does not make sense to immediately move to a new thread.

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    Yep, discussions tend to drift after a while.

    **There is an opening for a new moderator helping new members to post in the right place and split/move topics when relevant. Interested? Send an email with your application.

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    @hek said:

    Yep, discussions tend to drift after a while.

    Which wouldn't matter if they weren't so darn good. 🙂

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    @hek said:

    I've already filed a bug report on these issues.

    Just updated forum to the latest greatest (5 minutes ago).
    I still have problems jumping to the last read post. Maybe time to clear browser cache (and local storage which the forum seems to utilize) to see if that corrects the problems for me.

  • Before this upgrade I was able to use the double down arrow to get to the last post (in the header, to the left of the magnifying glass). Now that button only scrolls down one browser window height...

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    @hek said:

    I still have problems jumping to the last read post. Maybe time to clear browser cache (and local storage which the forum seems to utilize) to see if that corrects the problems for me.

    Upgrade/clear cache seems to have improved jumping for me.

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