Silly question regarding highlited sites in posts

  • As I do not know the name of the maneuver I will try to explain my self.

    I routinely see in these threads blue highlighted parts of a sentence when describing the topic of the day. These blue parts might say something such as " try this" .

    When clicking the blue area we are redirected to the secondary site.

    How do we do this and what is it called?

  • @5546dug i think you are talking about a link or hyperlink
    You can use this with the little chain symbol above the editor to create these.

    My example in the editor:

    [link or hyperlink](

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    Does anyone know how to disable the automatic ad/info box in the bottom of the post when you want to make a link to an ebay or aliexpress item? ping @hek?

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    @m26872 I like the ad/info box. It gives convenient access to a picture of the item and a price. And if people click it, they support the project since a fraction of the price will go to the project.

    However, if you want to avoid the box you can create a link using (or or any other url shortener). This works for codebender links as well. Like this: