Visiting Sweden

  • I'm visiting Sweden next week. Specifically Göteborg, for Since it seemed like a fair number of readers of the forum here are from (somewhere in) Sweden, I thought I might ask for any recommendations of things to see, things to do / not do, etc.

    And if anyone is in or near center city Göteborg and wanted to meet up at some time and discuss projects, etc. that'd be great too!

    I'll be there from mid-afternoon sunday the 27th thru the following friday.


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    Very welcome to our beautiful city, @soward !

    The best way to experience a lot of things and learn about the city's history is to take a Paddan tour.
    Skansen Kronan (built 1698) has a great view of the city.
    Haga is a nice part of town with lots of small shops and cafés (with free wifi).
    Kronhusbodarna is the oldest part of town, construction started in 1642 and the building is still intact.
    If you're interested in cars, the Volvo museum might be worth visiting.
    Paddan, Skansen Kronan, Haga and Kronhusbodarna are all within 20-30 minute walking distance from the city center. The Paddan tour costs about 200SEK and there might be an entrance fee to Skansen kronan, but the rest are free and looking at Skansen Kronan from outside the building is also free. Perfect for an evening stroll if you're staying somewhere in the center of the city.

    Do you have any plans for Wednesday? If not, I suggest that we meet up at Steampunk Bar at 18:00. Not sure there are any other Mysensors fans in the city but let's find out 🙂 Steampunk bar is less than 10 minutes walk from Folkets Hus where macsysadmin is held.

    I have a deadline for a piece about Domoticz and Mysensors in a Swedish Computer (print) magazine coming up, and since I'm a skilled procrastinator I'll be working on that until Monday evening so unfortunately I won't be available during the weekend.

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    Would have been fun. But a bit too far for me to meetup in Gothenburg (3 hour drive).

    Which print magazine are your writing for?

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    @hek Datormagazin

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. I'm quite familiar with procrastination myself, and am putting the finishing touches on the material for my talk just now.

    I have been told there is some conference-related event every evening and but it's not yet clear if they are strict start-stop things or just drop-in ones. Regardless, the one on wednesday doesn't start until 19:00, so I can be at the Steampunk bar at 18:00. I will PM you my contact info, and if you send me yours I can let you know if there is any last minute change of plans (and visa vera).


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    I live 15 min away and might like to drop by for the little MyS gathering as well. Let's switch PM info.

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    @mfalkvidd said:

    If you're interested in cars, the Volvo museum might be worth visiting.

    before it is moved to Hangzhou... 😞

  • I'll be there at 6. I'll have on jeans and a black shirt with a tiny apple logo on it and maybe a greyish jacket. I'll leave my conference badge on my belt as well for easy identification 🙂

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    Great. I'm wearing a (very) yellow sweatshirt today so it will be easy to spot me as well 😉

  • We expect pictures btw.... 😃

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    I'm with @barduino on this one. I would not have missed a MySensors meeting if it was in the neighborhood. I've found it hard to talk about my new MySensors passion with relatives and colleagues since they don't understand electronics and micro controllers.

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    I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you, but there were no pictures taken as far as I know. But I was a little late though. It was anyway really nice people, a good place (beer) and interesting talk. Definitely recommendable if someone else is thinking about doing something similar.

  • I never had a chance to explore the northen countries, folks say its beutifull landscape and nice people.

    perhaps some day.