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  • hello,
    I'm not familiar with controllers and I just starting to interface mysensors to domoticz (very easily by the way) and there is a missing feature or at least I could'nt find it : is it possible to combine several actuators in one command (widget)
    For example, I have several window shutters and I would like to be able to open/close them all using one button on domoticz.
    Is there a simple way to achieve it ?

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    You can create a group and add all the shutters to it. You can then turn on or of the group and all shutters will be turn on or of.

  • I saw the "scene" menu but when I add a scene or group , nothing is displayed and if I try to create another with the same name, an error is displayed about an alreday existing scene. I don't know why ...
    Any idea ?

  • When you add scene it is displayed in Scenes section, not in the switches section.

  • I create a group/scene in scene section (popup windows appears) but nothing is displayed. This is strange

  • I had to get domoticz beta version to get scene/group available, can't remember what version I had previously.
    Anyway group is exactly what I wanted ....

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