Running two gateways side-by-side

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if it is OK to have two gateways running within range of each other. I have a home system running, but want to build a system for a friend and do the testing at home. That means I will have two gateways (and their nodes) within range of each other when doing the test and build.

    I would imagine both gateways will pickup all nodes. Would this cause confusion in the systems?

    Thanks for the advice

  • Admin

    Both gateways will hear senor messages and send hardware acks which could result in strange things I imagine (st=fail). But nothing too scary. If you start involving repeaters in the setup and new sensors sending ID-REQUESTs with responses from controllers, things could get weird.

    I'm debugging stuff with two gateways in hearing-range right now.. nothing has broken yet 🙂

  • Could you just change channels from the default to use in the test system (both g/w and nodes), then revert back after all the bugs are gone?

  • @5546dug @hek

    Thanks guys. Will jump in and see what happens.

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