Method to reveal sketch inside node or g/w

  • What I want and can't seen to find is the method if it exists, to be able to see what the sketch inside of a node is.

    At this time I can,'t figure this out and am stuck with one of two methods both not good.

    1 re install new sketch from IDE 1.6.5 over existing first changing perameters and see what happens

    2 choose under "recent shetch" a recent sketch from arduino IDE, modify and re install.

    Both of these ways work, but at times the changes I think to try may well be the one that is in the promini now.

    So I would like a way to see what is under the hood prior to playing with the sketch.

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    @5546dug the sketch is compiled into microprocessor code before it is uploaded to the Arduino, so your sketch does not exist on the Arduino. Therefore there is no sketch to reveal.

    Saving the sketches under a new name after each upload, as you suggest, is probably the easiest solution. A more advanced solution would be to use a code versioning system like git.

  • @mfalkvidd at least I now know why. Guess it is back to saving on IDE

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    If you have added that in your skript the node will send its version/name to the controller. If you change that name everytime you change the sketch you should be able too see which sketch is installed. Otherwise follow the other answers.

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    I would suggest looking into git, for versioning the firmwares.. It makes things a lot easier when you can see the changes done over time..

    git doesn't need an external server in order to run..

    go to for documentation..

  • @LastSamurai good idea! Will give it a go!

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