I would like to graph my sensors output

  • I am starting to get intErested in graphing a sensors output.
    For now I would probably use o/s temp as a sensor.

    Up for discussion is this .... What program do you use ?
    I have seen plotly, xlively and a couple of others .

    My HA system is Vera based, and uses win 8.1 on laptop
    Qatar the moment I use serial gw but have received the parts to try Ethernet gw for stability.
    At the moment I still run on ver 1.4 lib 1.4 as I have not upgraded yet.

    What are you guys using that is easy to setup and interpret?
    I tried xlively for an arduino based solar differential controller created by ?? Nateful I think, but did not extract to my satisfaction.

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    I use Datamine for Vera, it covered my needs on that, maybe you want to try it.

  • My graph output when using Datamine and the new MySensors Sensebender boards...


  • @rvendrame ,@nutcracker , thanks for your response I have added the plug in to my Vera and am starting to get ready to try and graph.
    This looks as though it will fill my needs and more.

    Thanks Doug

  • Of coarse I need this unit on Veralite and not on vera3 so now I need to build Ethernet gw first.
    Just a thought when the Veralite loses connection by power loss the serial gw requires reprogramming to be seen by Vera. So if usb drive is in slot when this occurres does it need reboot and/or does it have memory loss?
    Not too bad now but for winter it becomes the remote location.
    Another ? Can Ethernet gw be located anywhere on my home lab and not just in Veralite?

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    @5546dug , no you don't loose the data in usb stick when Vera reboots. And the ethernet GW can be anywhere, as long as a cable from your router can run to it 😉

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    Alternative, and you can avoid the overhead of the DataMine plugin, just transmit your sensor readings to a Google Drive spreadsheet instead.

    One of the weaknesses of Vera is that it doesn't really tell you you have a memory problem until all of a sudden the box becomes unstable and restarts over and over.

  • @BulldogLowell , have not heard of this will look up "google drive " on laptop when I get home ...... The learning continues.
    Side bar..... Phoney TV ready for its box works great Bulldog, thanks

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    I'm using the free version of plot.ly to do plotting from an arduino. Here's a real-time feed, where you can see the effect of last night's irrigation on my soil moisture sensor readings:
    It's very similar to Xively, but I like how I can easily pan and zoom the data. That's helpful as you get a bigger dataset, like this:

    Plot.ly has demo arduino code on their website you can use as a starting point.

    Also, I have read how some people are using mysql to collect their data and graph it. I'd like to learn how to do that too, as I think it would be a good data archiving tool, and would provide additional ways to slice and dice the data.

    With these solutions, you don't need to be dependent on owning or using a Vera.

    I'd be interested to read about what other solutions people are using.

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