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    Smartclock based on timer based mysensors node, which fetches time in unix second from pimatic controller.

    Smartclock made from following components.

    1. 4 cascade matrix led 8x8.
    2. DHT11 for temperature
    3. Li polymer 4000 mh battery.
    4. PIR sensor for motion detection.
    5. Shuttle box.. :-)
    6. misc..

    SmartDisplay shows following info based on controller 's rules.

    1. Time to office using bing map api.
    2. Outside home temp, hum etc.
    3. Online weather forecast information.
    4. Any online information can be displayed like stock tick etc.

    Smartclock clock has temperature sensor DHT11 and a motion PIR sensor to detect movement.


  • Hardware Contributor

    What a beauty! :clap:

    Do you like to share more details about the hardware components you use?

  • Any more details would to make one of these!

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