MQTT ESP client node stopped working

  • Had some home rebuilding and the mosquitto server moved to a different virtual server.
    It's ubuntu so i installed a mosquitto once again and reflashed the esp with the new IP address. Now all i get on the ESP12 is

    Jan 31 19:26:23 mosquitto[6673]: New connection from ESP_IP
    Jan 31 19:26:23 mosquitto[6673]: Socket read error on client (null), disconnecting.

    And on the UBUNTU server

    1454258121: New connection from ESP_IP.
    1454258121: Invalid protocol "MQTT" in CONNECT from ESP_IP.
    1454258121: Socket read error on client (null), disconnecting.

    Out of ideas here...

  • Used the development branch of mysensors libraries if it matters

  • Mod

    @moskovskiy82 said:

    Invalid protocol "MQTT"

    Please search the forum first before you post an issue.

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