good and safe AC/DC adapter?

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    Hey guys!

    I was thinking about AC/DC adapters. And you all should know about safety of using cheap chinese one's. They can actually kill you if they are bad built... So my thought was to test a couple of different one's and look inside them. Right now I use old AC/DC 5v adapters with 5mm plug from old routers and stuff so they should be all ok.. 🙂

    But I don't know if someone already did some research of this? I was mainly looking at adapters with a round 5mm plug, and not USB but I know some of you are using USB adapters too.

    Lets gather photos of adapters in this thread!


  • Cell phone chargers in use here...
    This is an interesting read, commenting also the output quality (spikes etc):

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    I think this is a VERY important thread, because it seems clean, stable power is vital when building up these sensors. Most of the problems I've run into seem to be directly related to the power provided. This applies to both line and batteries powered sensors.

    The transformers I purchased for my EH40 project are apparently extremely noisy. (Trying to figure out a way to clean them up without having to purchase a scope)..

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    I posted about this before, but ive had fantastic luck getting quality ( Apple/Plantronics/Jabra/LG/Samsung/Nokia/Motorolla) etc powersupplies from the IT department at work.

    Most of them are rated 5/6/9 or 12volt at 500-2000mA

    Worth an ask...or if you dont work in a workplace, ask your wife/family/friends to ask at their workplace!