Universal board bought from from Slovenia Radio Woes. (solved)

  • Hi Guys,
    Has anyone bought one of these boards? I've modified my code so that it works with pin 7 and 8 as he's these rather than the regular radio attachment pins. I'm just getting Radio Init Failed messages, any advice?

    MyTransportNRF24 transport(7, 8); // Ceech board, 3.3v (7,8)
    MySensor gw(transport);  

    I've tried external power as well as battery power with the same results.

    alt text
    Universal board

  • I'm using the solar cell version of this board (here), and I've made the same transport change as you - been using this for over 9 months now, without problems.

    Which version of the MySensors library are you using (I'm on 1.5)?

  • @MikeF Hi Mike, thanks for the response. Yeah i'm on 1.5. I've just removed the libraries just incase and reinstalled and uploaded the serial gateway as well as the sensor itself for completeness. Still getting radio init fail

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    This might be a stupid question, but have you checked that you soldered the nrf module in the correct orientation and that the electrical connection is good?
    Also, do you know that the nrf module works? Can you test it on Another Arduino and/or try another nrf?

  • @mfalkvidd @MikeF I've now resolved the issue. With this board you have to set D3 high so that it powers the radio, shame as that really ties pin 3 up then but i guess he's done it to make the radio optional as he supports bluetooth as well. It's a nice lower power board but i think i've been spoilt by the otherboards i've used which have used the same pinouts etc. I think the solar one which you have may have been of more use thinking about it but hey ho. It's trivial but just incase anyone else is as simple minded as me i put the following in setup

    pinMode(3, OUTPUT);


  • @chickey Interesting - no such requirement on the version I'm using. Instead, D3 is used to drive a MOSFET with an uncommitted drain, which can be used to drive a relay - or LED strip, as D3 is a PWM output.

  • @chickey @ceech is the creator of this board.

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  • @kenci Hi Kenci, yeah i'd been in contact with him through ebay as i purchased it from him but sadly he wasn't able to assist too much as he said he was a hardware rather than software guy. I figured it out in the end, wasn't rocket science and just took a little digging which i'm not adverse too but just couldn't see it at first.

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