Ethernet gateway working, but no devices showing up

  • Trying to move from Vera to Domoticz on a Pi3... Have a working Ethernet gateway that's been running for months on my Vera. Now I've got the Pi running and I add the Mysensors Ethernet to it. It shows up, and after a few seconds, the entry on the "hardware" page updates to show that it's a version 1.5 gateway. However, I never get any of the devices to appear.

    In the log, it shows:

    2016-05-21 07:14:38.673 MySensors: Gateway Ready...
    2016-05-21 07:14:38.673 MySensors: Gateway Version: 1.5
    2016-05-21 07:14:39.673 MySensors: Gateway Version: 1.5

    periodically, especially whenever I hit the update button on the hardware page. But no devices are showing from the Mysensors.

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    @timropp try restarting the sensors. They probably have to present themselves to the gateway again.

  • Duh! THANK YOU for such a fast answer. Just restarted a couple of my nodes and they're now appearing. Was banging my head on this for an hour last night because I didn't think of something so obvious.

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