Temp sensor BME280 c18 vs j34

  • This is probably a silly question, on Aliexpress I see 2 differents BME280 sensor that look very similar, however in their title one says c18 and the other on j34. What is the difference? Thank you.


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    @Freedom1029 it is hard to tell, this is not an official number code of the bme280 sensor itself. Probably just an internal partnumber.
    The pictures seem to be copied from a tijd party..

  • Really an old topic but for those still curious; those codes usually are used for sellers working with agents. I mean, "XXX" seller has 5 agents but only one account (kind-a franchise type) so to track who sold what they use those codes. At least this is what one of ebay sellers told me when out of curiosity I asked one day.

  • On other sites, they sell a 3.3V version and a 5V version. The 5V version has level translators and an on-board 3.3V LDO regulator. I can't tell which is which from the Ali description.

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