Arduino Pro Vs Nano

  • Can one please help me to understand using a Pro vs using a Nano for a sensor network?

    After contemplating it, I see no reason to go with a Pro. If going pro, then you most likely need to step voltage up/down for your wireless card and/or your sensors. The additional cost here pretty much eats up the savings over the cost of the Nano, which has 3.3V and 5V built in.

    Is size much different? I did not see a drawing showing board size, for places with intense space constraints.

    Are there other considerations that I am missing? Or perhaps it is just me, willing to spend the extra buck or two, so that I don't have to deal with regulators or the USB connection cable.

  • Admin

    I wouldn't use Nano for battery operated sensors. The other factor is price.

  • @hek Had not considered battery longevity. The sensors I am currently building are all wall wart powered.

  • I have "nano's" all over my house and they're fine with ease of programming and being usb-powered.
    The only reason I'd like to try Pro's are battery powered sensors, which I plan to build later on.

  • @NotYetRated Biggest difference I see is the USB FTDI onboard, good if your are connecting to a vera or something needing the comms. If it is going to be purely a sensor node, I don't see why u need this. The pro mini has 5v and 3.3v variations, or look for switchable ones, pro mini enhancements. If you are frequently reprogramming it, then easier with the nano, I'm fine using a separate ftdi board for programming purposes.