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  • Hello community,
    I want to build widgets which shows me battery status and temperature on it's DHT22 sensor on the Raspbian desktop (the raspberry will be portable). I didn't find something like that. The only thing is the MagicMirror which uses data from the Internet.

    Thanks for the help.

  • I'm using Grafana to do this, early days and I've not finished my setup but you get the idea, i also use it for displaying battery status.

    !1_1473883972715_image.png 0_1473883972714_image.png

    Workflow here is;
    MYS Mqtt Gateway > MQTT Broker > Openhab2 > InfluxDB > Granfana.

  • So you think a home automation software would be best?
    Thanks I will test if it have the right things.

  • @Goldwolf Depends what you want, don't really understand your requirements. Do you want the data embedded on your desktop? You said the pi will be portable but you've mentioned the magic mirror which by design is normally bolted to a wall.

  • I don't know if you know Fursuits. It's something like the suit from Ironman. I want a display in front of my eyes but can't navigate through it. all i can see is part of the desktop and the screen of the wide-angle-camera. and it's necessary to know the temperature and humidity inside, and when the raspberry needs power.
    I know that will be a big project

  • Mod

    @Goldwolf very cool, sounds like an awesome project!


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