domoticz auto add device (mysensors) even if disable "Accept new Hardware Devices"

  • in domoticz , i use a raspberry pi controller and use a windows controller , both.

    i use a serial gateway for raspberry pi and a serial gateway for domoticz windows .

    i disable " Accept new Hardware Devices" for both.

    i turn off one of two(for example domoticz windows) and i add mysensors device to domoticz raspberry pi . then turn on domoticz windows . Suddenly i see domoticz windows detect all device that added on raspberry pi (in domoticz windows!!!!!!!! so if i unplug power sensor and plug in again or reset sensor ! that sensor will add to windows domoticz.

    so this is very bad , if i use a domoticz controller and my Neighbor use a domoticz controller too , so he can control my devices and i can control her devices !!!
    are there any solution for this problem?

  • also this is risk to security.
    for example , suppose i use a relay switch for "electronic door lock" in my home.
    when i am out home , a thief can add my relay to her domoticz controller then open the door and . . .
    this is very weak in security!!!

  • Mod

    @Reza Yes. This is why you should use signing.

  • @mfalkvidd
    oh. site is updated and i didnt see πŸ™‚ thank you .
    about other topic please help ! serial gateway stop working with unplug power and plug in power again domoticz raspberry pi !

  • Admin

    You should also report domoticz bugs at their bugtracker, as we can't solve them here.

  • Hardware Contributor

    Signing is indeed the solution for a door lock.

    I am changing all my NRF24L01 to RFM69 with AES (Hardware) support at the moment. This is enough for most of my use cases and nobody can see, what is going on inside my house. (Which would be easy with signing only.)

  • @tbowmo
    i report this to domoticz forum but they said this problem is related to mysenosrs...

  • @FotoFieber
    signing with rfm69 is more easy ?

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Reza said:

    Suddenly i see domoticz windows detect all device

    Domoticz will add all incoming connections until you disable "Accept new Hardware Devices" in the settings menu.
    Then you need to use the inclusion mode. "Accept new hardware for 5 min"

  • @sundberg84 said:

    Accept new Hardware Devices

    so this is a bug in domoticz ! is this right?
    because when i disable "Accept new Hardware Devices" , domoticz should not add any devices!!!

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Reza - Uf you disable this tickbox and save, yes - Domoticz should not add any new hardware in "devices" tab.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @Reza said:

    signing with rfm69 is more easy ?

    No, but encryption is easy. And if it is encrypted, you can't add a controller without knowing the key.

  • @sundberg84
    my friend, i disable tickbox and save before for both controller , but now if reset or plug in power a new device, so domoticz detect it !!! and added



  • @FotoFieber

    i am reading "" but i think this is very hard for me πŸ™‚ i am trying to understand πŸ™‚ for solve my problem with domoticz πŸ™‚

  • @mfalkvidd
    i confuse . signing is a complicate issue for me . i am trying to learn this but ...
    please told to me "MY_SIGNING_SOFT" can help me ? i want my devices (sensors and actuators) just added to my gateway and also my gateway just detect and found my device. so any gateways (for example neighbor's gateway) Fails detect and find my devices !also my gateway can not detect and find neighbor's devices !
    if i use #define MY_SIGNING_SOFT and my neighbor also use #define MY_SIGNING_SOFT so my gateway can not detect neighbor's devices again ? or neighbor's gateway can not detect my device ?
    sorry for weak in english

  • Contest Winner

    Signing will not solve your domoticz issue in any way. It is between node and gateway. Domoticz is a controller so it will only see what a gateway sends to it. The same goes for encryption. It is also only between node and gateway. Neither signing nor encryption is in use between controller and gateway.
    And using encryption is just as easy or hard as using signing. Nodes and gateways have to be personalized no matter if you use signing, encryption or both. For version 2.

  • Hardware Contributor

    Encryption is easier to use with RFM69 as it is done in hardware. And for me the aspect of privacy is really important (and solved with encryption), which can't be solved with signing.

    Encryption with NRF24L01 (MY_SIGNING_SOFT) is not implemented to be secure (->IV) and therefore for me useless.

  • Contest Winner

    @FotoFieber it is no difference. The key has to be stored somewhere and even if the engine is in hw the key storage is not. So you still need to personalize the device and that procedure is identical no matter what radio you use. But yes, the sw variant is useless. But all in all, encryption is useless in a mysensors context as message contents can be easily be determined. Authenticity is more important than obscurity. We do not transmit video or audio streams with mysensors.

  • so , what am i do ? 😞 means that signing dont help me for my problem ?!
    in other forum ( told to me for gateway i must use a include button set !

    i have 2 problem and i dont know this problem is related to controller or gateway !
    first problem :
    you consider a vera controller or fibaro...
    in this controllers , there is a inclusion mode . just when controller is inclusion mode , can add devices ! also after add a device , until that device dont remove form controller ( controller in exclusion mode) , device can not add to other controller !
    In this way , device just work with their controller .
    i want use domoticz and mysensors gateway and device for a Two story house(Separate) , but despite this issue , i can not ....

    second problem is related to lost my gateway after unplug and plug in again raspberry power supply !! if power house have problem (each reason for example use solar panel and battery in cloudy day) after incoming power controller dont work unless disconnect usb cable and connect again (handy)

    sorry my friends for weak in english, i like society of mysensors convert to a great society . i am not a professional programmer . but i like very very internet of things .
    in the end i hope solve this issue (easy and understandable for me πŸ™‚ ) and thank you very thank you my friends ❀
    @Anticimex @FotoFieber @sundberg84 @tbowmo @mfalkvidd @hek @TheoL
    and other dear friends .

  • what is :
    can i use this for my serial gateway?????
    where i found explain about this functions?
    for example , if i want just when , i press and hold a button for inclusion , devices added . when release button so any device can not add to gateway .
    what am i do for this ?

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