Newbie need help to get startet

  • Hi all

    I want to build a mysensor gateway on raspberry pi or arduino
    I have both pi2 and arduino uno

    My gateway should communicate with:
    868 mhz sensors for doors and more
    466 mhz for weater stations sensors

    mysensor would be connected to domoticz controller

    How should I connect all theese sensors to arduino or pi ??
    I don't seem to find any doc on connecting multiple sensors to mysensor hardware

    Best regards

  • Mod

    Welcome to the MySensors community @HengeDK !

    You'll need one gateway per protocol/frequency. So one for nrf, one for 868 and one for 433, assuming all sensors on 868 use the same radio protocol and all sensors on 433 use the same radio protocol. All nodes will need to run MySensors code.

    Why do you want to start with such a complicated setup? How about starting with only nrf?

  • Thanks for your answer

    That is my main goal and I got almost everything
    Just had to find out if i need 3 gateways as you just told me

    Best regards

  • Hardware Contributor

    Hello, be careful as there's more than the frequency.
    For example 868MHz is one of the frequency used by zwave and for that you will not use MySensors, you will need a zwave usb key to connect to your raspberry pi, and a smart home controller that can manage this usb key.

  • Mod

    Yes, if there are already usb dongles (supported buy the controller) that can handle the protocol you want to use, it would be better to use those instead.

  • Hardware Contributor

    What I mean is if you have products using 433MHz or 868MHz already, using MySensors gateways with radios using those frequencies will not work, because those devices are not using MySensors protocol.
    If that's clear for you, then you're fine 🙂

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