MQTT MySensors gateway via serial/ESP8266

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    I am currently using a serial gateway but I am thinking about switching to an MQTT one (or adding an additional one, is that supported?). Do I absosultely have to have one of these ethernet adapters for a MQTT gateway or can it be done via a serial or a ESP8266 gateway too (I already have the hardware for these here).

    Btw @hek I am currently getting lots of Error 400 messages for some ULR in the browser console and needed several tries to write this.

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    Yes, I've noticed this as well. Tried a lot of things during the weekend to resolve the problem but didn't succeed.

    I will upgrade the server during the evening (downtime expected) to a LTS release and add the possibility to run the latest nginx (where I think the problem is).

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    @LastSamurai it is possible to run mqtt on the esp8266.

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    @mfalkvidd Thank you, I guess I will use the ESP then.
    Or perhaps I will try to write a script to use MQTT with the serial gateway... why add another network layer (WiFi) if you don't have to...

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