Mains energy meter node

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    I have looked around the forum about how to build am energy meter node but posts are a little old, so I am asking if there are new ways to make an energy meter or if THIS old little project is still the way to go. Thanks.

  • Do you have a power meter with an IR LED on it? If so, using a Pulse Power Meter node is probably the easiest way to measure power.

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    Sure, but I wanted to be able to move it around and measure different household items.

  • Sorry, I thought by 'mains' you meant the entrance to the home. You're really talking about something similar to a sensor-connected kill-a-watt. I've been planning to build something like this (specifically incorporating a current sensor into a sensor controlled AC/switch). Something similar to this:

    Though that above link can only handle a few amps...not enough for my needs. (It also includes some other logic for detecting an external switch, so I'm using it more for reference than advocating this precise solution).

    Edit: If you do find something that will work for you, please keep us posted.

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    I'll probably go with the pulse sensor to have an overall reading and then use a couple of the others to have more details on some appliances. Meanwhile I hope somebody else to show up and add advices 😁

  • I would go with this:

    with espurna or tasmota

  • I had seen the sonoff stuff, but not the sonoffpow before. I had dismissed them due to not having wifi where I want them, but it's probably cheaper and easier to install esp8266 repeaters than to try to manufacture my own boards. Thanks for pointing these out.

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    That's one of the suggestions I was looking for! :smile:
    Given my setup with Domoticz + MQTT, what firmware would you suggest?

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