Unable to switch a node on after Domoticz is rebooted

  • Re: Error Sending switch command

    Based on the thread above, it seems I am not alone. Sundberg84 mentioned the same issue.
    If I turn on the node (binary switch) everything works flawlessly, until I reboot Domoticz. Then I'm unable to switch the node until I turn it off and on again and it re-presents itself to Domoticz.
    Is there a way to overcome this?

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    @Toyman The thread you are referring to is rather old... What kind of gateway are you using?

  • Overall, I am still on 1.xx library version.
    I am using v1.4 GW directly attached to RPi (NOT an USB-based Serial GW)

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    @Toyman Sorry I don't have experience with the direct connected RPI gateway. anyone else?

  • Are you sure the issue is GW-related?
    I have the same issue with MQTT MySensors GW. After I reboot, Switch On command is not sent, HOWEVER!! if I turn ACK OFF , then I am able to send ON and OFF commands without power resetting the node.
    So the issue is somehow linked to ACK

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    @Toyman If you enable ack in Domoticz its checks if the message arrives and reports failure. If not enable it does not check and just move on. So is your node really receiving?

  • I suppose so as nothing is changed at the node side when I reboot Domoticz.

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    By the way I just had similar errors. I have an rgbw controller nod up and running that can be controlled from the frontend of domoticz. Trying to control it from a script threw the same error as in the link above. I will be trying to restart the node tomorrow, but if I am not the only one seeing the problem there might be an error in domoticz somewhere.

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