Please help Noob w Hardware

  • I am new to the micro controller world but a long time IT guy. I know we blame the software guys for everything but...
    So far, I have a Raspberry Pi3 just in with Raspian Jessie.
    2 Adafruit Feather M0 RFM69 Packet Radio (868 or 915 MHz).
    Vera 3 Controller

    Eventually, I would like to have projects on both the Pi and Vera controllers but one step at a time. I bought the Adafruit's thinking about long distance radio and the integration of micro usb/battery backup. But, the RFM69 libraries for the Arm seem to be a big problem. I have a friend with a farm raising hogs, chickens and cattle with multiple outbuildings scattered around where temp, feed level, water level data would be helpful. This is one project.

    Another project is some automation of my motorhome. I have a 42' motorhome that was for its era very complex and top of the line with lots of wiring and distribution boards but before the introduction of any automation. I would like to add the ability to monitor the temp of the storage building remotely, control interior lighting and switches which energize solenoids. Monitoring battery health would be a bonus. I realize the RFM69 radios are overkill with this project.

    So, if someone would please guide me with the appropriate controller and especially the gateway hardware which is confusing me a bit. Lets pick the farm project, I don't know which controller would be appropriate for a newbie (Vera and MySensors plug in) or PI but I would rather use a more integrated gateway with micro usb and radio that is able to be purchased with reasonable ship times. I don't mind buying whatever make sense.

  • Mod

    Did you already read ?
    You actually have quite some options for your project: you could get another RFM69 radio and connect it to the RPI, compile the mysensors gateway as ethernet as it is supported by vera plugin (; on top of that you can also install other controllers on the RPI if you like more flexibility. You can also make an arduino ethernet gateway with an UNO+W5100 ethernet shield or an ESP8266, both with a RFM69 radio. Also keep in mind that if you have powered nodes, you could set them up as repeaters in case some far away nodes have range problems.
    Why do you think RFM69 are overkill?

  • @gohan

    Yes, I did read I'm going to put the Adafruit MO's aside for now and go with the Rasberry Pi as the controller. Can you suggest where and what brand RFM69 radio to buy? Adafruit, Sparkfun. I know there are cheaper alternatives though.

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    Not really, I haven't used them yet. Remember that you can use the M0 as sensor node.

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