Gps data stored on SDcard for later transmission on mysensors?

  • Wanting to know if it is possible to have gps data saved to sd-card while unit is away from home, Then when unit comes back within range of controller this data then transferred over mysensors network to controller?

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    @citizenblank welcome to the MySensors community.

    Yes that would be possible.

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    The only problem is that the MySensors over-the-air nor serial protocol has any possibility to add timestamp. So you would have to bake that information into the payload.

  • Thanks for the replys,
    I just wasn't sure how you would go getting the sensor to send all the saved data. As with all the examples i have tried, it grabs data from a sensor and then sends it straight away. Is there anything on here i could look at that would show getting data from a file and then sending it. As what i have read the controller could ask for something from the sensor if not there. wait x amount of time then ask again until it gets a reply. then sensor would then offload any stored data.

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    Are you sure that is the best solution? I'd go with something like an esp8266 that transfers the log on a ftp server on your network, this way you are sure data is transferred, otherwise using mysensors over wireless you could have some messages lost or if controller is down for any reason you would loose all that day log

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