MySensors weather station

  • @Yveaux I cannot thank you enough. I tried these transaction settings and this worked perfectly. My hat is off to you.

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    @dbemowsk great to hear!
    I hope I managed to explain to you how to get to these values, as you wanted to learn from the process 👍

  • @Yveaux Yes, I did learn from that. Thanks again.

  • Hello
    A friend send me an old weather station in 868mhz, I want to hack it for using it in domoticz
    Your project is similar as I want, where can I find your code?

  • @nicofly974 Unfortunately I put this on hold for a while as I have been having a bit of trouble with my power option for the node. I am actually working on a solar power setup with a small charge controller and a 2x18650 battery pack. The solar panel setup will be on a servo controlled solar tracker that I will run from a separate pro mini. My two issues right now are that I am having some issues with the charge controller, possibly user error. The other issue is designing and 3D printing the parts that will hold the charge controller, battery pack and tracker. If this cheap charge controller is an issue and I have to get a different one, it may alter my design. Shipping on this controller took forever to come on the boat from China.

    I haven't looked at my code for the sensors in a while, but maybe in the next day or two I'll post what I have with the understanding that it is in Alpha stage.

  • @dbemowsk Here are some pics of the dual axis solar tracker that I am working on for the weather station. In the 4 corners are the CDS photo cells for the tracker.

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    @dbemowsk is the solar tracker really necessary?

  • @gohan Not sure, just thought it might be an addition that could maximize battery charging.

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    it sure does, my question is if it is really needed. A lot depends on how much energy it uses 🙂

  • Hello,

    For a project wtih a fablab, we have using a Li-Polymer Charge Management Controllers MCP73831
    You can have free "sample" for prototype if you ask directly to the factory, perhaps it could be faster.

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