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  • Hello,

    i am planning to secure the windows in our planned House. I've found some Window sensors here in forum and on, but the most of them do not have a buzzer. -> Why? Are their only for seeing the status of the window?

    I need a reliable sensor. So if some part (nrf, gateway, ...) is not working there should still be the buzzer fallback that will start screeming.

    Do someone have suggestions? Or maybe a combination with a glass break sensor or something else?

    I would be happy about some suggestions.



  • Mod

    You would need to add it in the code, with the "armed" status that can start the buzzer if it detects a change in the sensors

  • @gohan Ok, you think of adding code on the node side? (pro mini) But it should only start the buzzer, if the message failed to send. Otherwise the message would go to the controller(domoticz) an then i can decide to start the buzzer or not on the node (depending on armed or not). -> is that possible?

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    @artipi when sending the tripped message the node can request an acknowledge message from the controller. You could wait a for a finite amount of time for the acknowledge to arrive at the node. If it doesn't (for whatever reason) you can start the local buzzer.

  • @Yveaux Thanks, sounds logic and easy!:) Will try it.

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