Automatic stairs led lighting arduino shield

  • Hello, I am a newbie in this forum as well as start with Arduino project. I am very interesting with the project of Automatic stairs led lighting arduino shield
    I see the BOM included in the link. But i am not sure about the hardware requirement.
    Is there anyone could help by providing the list of hardware including the link to buy either from ebay or AlieExpress?

    Thank you.

  • Mod

    What is that you don't understand? There are a few shift registers chips, a bunch of mosfets, capacitors and resistors; plus the screw terminals. Are you sure you want to make it yourself? Especially since it has pretty much all smd parts.

  • @gohan for this SMD I will buy from your site the assembled one. However, I don't understand such as:
    1- What type of Power Supply Switch?
    2- what type of LED strip?

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    maybe @aivaredze could assist you, but looking at the pictures the input is 12V and any 12V led strip should do the job as long as they don't draw more than 2.5A per strip.

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