Multiple gateways, 2x NRF + 1x RS485 together

  • Hello,

    My plan is to install 3x Ethernet MySensors gateways (2x for NRF24L01 transmission and 1x for RS485). Reason for need of two wireless gateway is my house and thick reinforced walls, I have 3x floors (including basement). First NRF24L01 gateway will be installed in basement and connected by W5100 shield to the LAN network, second NRF24L01 gateway will be also connected by W5100 but I plan to install it on +1 floor.
    My first question here is how can I change GW default NODE_ID 0 to different value, let's say second GW could have NODE_ID 1? Few nodes could be connected to 1st gw, and others to 2nd gw just by adjusting "MY_PARENT_NODE_ID" in their sketches

    I would like to also deploy RS485 gateway, but here I have doubt if I can mix together Arduino UNO + W5100 shield + RS485 module together ? There is only example for Serial solution, so I just want to confirm if it's only about adjusting sketch code for ethernet solution?

    I really appreciate for help.

    Thank you,

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    I would put them on separate rf channels instead.

    Perhaps make 2 .h files, that I can include in my sketches, that contain all the basic settings (one for each rf channel) then you just include the right .h file depending on which floor you are putting the node on

  • Might be enough to change the base Radio ID of one of the two network segments (see line 384) and use the same channel for both GW's. But how about using some of the nodes as repeater?

  • Thank you, @tbowmo @rejoe2 for hints, I will give a try in few weeks 🙂

  • Mod

    If you are going to use a different channel for each network, make sure you have them at least 10 channels apart as I noticed that if they are too close they can still talk to each other

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