Network Gateway with Sensors/Actuators

  • Hi,

    As for now I have start using mySensors with success for rf sensors, and I'm very happy with it.
    Developping the plugin for Jeedom, I appreciate the power of the protocole and for exemple the presentation and that nothing is impossible.
    But it's wireless information going in the house.

    As I will need some central control for the relays inside the electric panel, I have look at different solutions :

    • XPL and xplduino
    • Arduidom

    Mainly wanting to keep the communication on wire for this part and not as a clear wireless message (security)
    XPL after tasting mySensors look heavy weapon for not better results. Hardware for xplduino is also complicate.
    Arduidom is a plugin avalaible for Jeedom controlling an Arduino. But it's avalaible only for the Jeedom master, and mine will not be inside the electric panel. And you can have only one.

    So, I come to an idea and want to share it here to see if it's a non-sense or interest people.
    I want to buil an ethernet gateway let say with a Mega and connected to relay boards to control light and switch from the electric panel. This inside a RAIL DIN box.
    It will be a standalone node, just reusing the mySensors plugin and mind.

    This will need a plugin able to talk to more than one gateway, what I have planned for the Jeedom controller. This will be usefull anyway if a user as a NRF24 and RFM69 network, or let say 2 NRF24 in a big property.

    So what I hope to come is a RAIL DIN box with ethernet connexion and relay boards. Talking to it in "mySensors" protocol.
    And if I need more IO, adding a RAIL DIN box etc

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