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  • Hi. Sorry for my English. I'm new to automation and programming... I want to get advice from a guru... I made an OpenHab-based controller on a Raspberry PI... Installed MySensors Binding... Now I want to make an mqtt gateway using a GatewayESP32MQTTClient sketch that will connect to the Raspberry via WiFi... But I want to connect the sensors by wire, without using RF... in each room I plan my own separate ESP 32 with sensors... How many ESP32 with GatewayESP32MQTTClient can I connect to Openhab via WiFi? In each room, about 15 sensors will be connected to the ESP32... Touch buttons, relays, gas sensors, fire sensors, leaks, etc. Can I combine 15 different sketches from the examples into one sketch? Thank you for your advice and have a nice day!

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    @IronFelix said in Question about MySensors features:

    Can I combine 15 different sketches from the examples into one sketch?

    You might be able to. I am pretty sure I would not be able to. Having all that complexity in a single sketch would be a nightmare to troubleshoot. Start small, build a simple node. Then build another one, maybe slightly more complicated, but don't try to fit everything into a single node.

  • @mfalkvidd Thank you very much! It's not that simple.

  • When I started this was my intent as well. Not exactly 15 but 6-10 for some nodes. It starts to get hard and messy really fast. I was abble to get some basic stuff combined but nothing more. But that's because I am not so good with programming.
    So for me I ended up going mostly to esphome and tasmota as almost all my sensors are powered by mains and that matches my knowledge more. But that all depends on your skills mostly.

  • @IronFelix
    I would not combine so many inputs and outputs in one sketch. But I think if there is enough memory for variables ; then it is possible to go for sensing (step by step) for a combination of sensors.
    Similarly for buttons, actuators, use a separate hardware.

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