connecting existing alarm system to veralite/ mysensors

  • hi, it have an existing home alarm system the dcs pc1565 classic with motion sensors, smoke detectors siren and control panel.

    I'm looking to interface the system into my veralite using arduino or raspberry pi b +. But don't know where to start, but would prefer to use the outputs of the alarm system rather than connect directly to the sensors.

    Any sketches, plugins, wiring diagrams, code would be much appreciated1422062993294-757870192.jpg 1422063019301-146763071.jpg

  • I will add a photo of the wiring in the alarm panel soon as it has a tamper switch and my partner is asleep

  • @brettzky84 said:

    I'm looking to interface the system into my veralite

    Have you looked into the DSC plugin for Vera? I don't own one so i do not have experience with it but I have seen the plugin listed within UI5.

    see here ---> DSC Vera Plugin

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    there is TONS of this on the Vera website, and many many folks are connecting them with a (serial I think) interface that you may buy and the plugin @Dwalt mentioned.

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