Searching with Infinite scroll (Solved!)

  • How do I search for all occurrences of "soft_hmac_key" in topic 4803?

    Infinite scroll blocks me from seeing the whole topic so that the browser can search it. Searching in:topic-4803 soft_hmac_key only finds the first occurrence. Advanced Search doesn't let me restrict a search to a single topic. Even loading the google cache copy of the topic doesn't show the whole thread.

    Better yet, how do I turn off the infinite scroll without breaking the topic into literally 47 pages? Is there a version of the site for dummies like me who don't want all this javascript stuff like alerts and thread tracking and infinite scroll? Using noScript just moves me to the version where the topic is broken into the 47 tiny pages.

    As usual, I found exactly the post I was looking for in topic 4803 and while trying to get context, I scrolled a lot and lost the post i needed.

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    @chisight I'm not fond of the infinite scroll method, but perhaps the "Enable In-Topic Searching" feature on your profile settings can be useful?

  • @mfalkvidd Unfortunately, the "Enable In-Topic Searching" feature is what generates the start of "in:topic-4803 soft_hmac_key" and nothing else. It does find the first occurrence but doesn't have a way to search after the first. I learned that I can just prefix "in:topic-####" to my search and then I don't have to make the forum grab the <ctrl> f key in my browser.

    @the person who edited the "Posts per Page" restriction of 20, a huge giant Thank You!! 100 posts per page is a great improvement over 20. I was about to request this but saw it was done when I went to get the exact wording. 🙂 This giant topic being 10 pages is bearable. (and probably doesn't use a ton of javascript which was blocking local caching so probably saves a ton of bandwidth for your servers...)

    P.S. my original problem is solved too, the forum is so useful!

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