Cigaret smoke detector

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    After reading a lot of posts on the forum, I haven't found what I'm looking for.

    I would like to detect cigaret smoke, and cigaret smoke only. It shouldn't go off in other situations, like:

    • vacume cleaning

    • cooking

    • gas powered room heater

    • Fine dust sensors would detect smoke, but they would also detect those other things. I have experienced this first hand.

    • Optical sensors are used in commercial smoke detectors. But they would also detect other particles? I haven't seen the DYP-ME0010 discussed on the forum yet. It doesn't get great reviews though..

    • Ionisation detectors are used in commercial smoke detectors. But I cant find those as a separate sensor. I guess I could hack a commercial smoke detector (as others have done on the forum). But ideally I'd like a standardised component.

    • Could adding a CO detector work to filter out events that don't involve fire?


    • Is there a magical sensor I don't know about that could do this?
    • I suspect I probably need some combination to filter out the edge cases. But which combo would give the very best results?

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