Mysensors, Vera and UI7

  • I'm still having problems with communication between my sensors and my Vera 3. I have no issues with updates coming from the sensor, but when I send a message to a sensor it doesn't always work. The wife is getting a title frustrated when lights won't turn on at night.....

    I seem to be having this issue around the same time i upgraded from UI5 to UI7.. So my question is, do we have anyone here who has actually found UI7 to work just as well for them as UI5?

  • I guess there must be something going on with me hardware if I'm the only one with this issue..

  • Maybe it is a solution for you to downgrade to UI5, because it works fine with MySensors:

    "Then from SETUP > Firmware under : Advanced: URL for Vera custom firmware: paste it and press on download.
    Save a back-up when you are prompted and start the upgrade.
    The upgrade can take up to 15-20 minutes and you should be on the same location with the unit when you do it."

  • Thanks

    I was running UI5 for a while but thought I would take a stab at UI7 again. I'm now back to UI5.

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