VEML6075 high sleep consumption

  • I've been reading the thread here, and decided to open a new one since that one is old, and there were no reports of the consumption being fixed.

    I'm in the same situation regarding consumption of my VEML6075 board being around 50 uA while sleeping, when it should be less than 1 uA according to the datasheet.

    My specific board doesn't contain any voltage regulators, just a capacitor and the I2C pullups. Specifically, it's this one:

    alt text

    I'm using the adafruit library but I've tried 3 others with different sleep routines, all with the same result. When active, the consumption is much higher, so the chip is sleeping (sort of) it seems.

    Any help on reducing the sleep consumption would be appreciated.

  • @manutremo Disable I2C before sleep?
    50 uA is miniscule anyway but...

  • Hardware Contributor

    @manutremo said in VEML6075 high sleep consumption:

    when it should be less than 1 uA according to the datasheet.

    Datasheet says it's at 1.8V, and "Light condition = dark;". Have you tried to cover the sensor with opaque tape to check the sleep current ?
    Is the forced mode activated ?

  • That's a good point, I missed that detail in the ds. The sensor is now in service, I'll measure it again when i have a chance. Thanks.

  • @manutremo

    Activate a forced mode. I bet your sensor is in standby mode right now

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