Esp32-cam with pan - Mysensors powered

  • Hi guys,

    Just an idea...
    What about an esp32-cam moved at 360 degrees by a stepper motor controlled by an Atmega328p and Mysensors? Of course all enclosed in an suitable 3d printed case.

    This could be a cheap and interesting solution for video surveilance.

  • @franz-unix it really an overkill... you can use gpio from esp to control pan and tilt no need for atmega and nrf...

  • @mickey Yes you can drive the motor directly from the esp32-cam module, but with MySensors you can put in deep sleep and wake up the esp32 on demand (pir, timer, etc...) for eample with an automation managed by the controller.

    In fact the esp32-cam, at least with the esphome firmware, is always active and the module become hot after few minutes.
    With an additional controller more power friendly you can turn on the module only when necessary.

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