GetWired – RS485 & MySensors home automation modules

  • Hello Everyone!
    As some of you may know, me and my friend @slawkiwala are working on a project of a wired home automation system based on RS485 and MySensors. From the beginning we were quite serious about it and now we managed to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

    Though probably the majority of you here are interested more in wireless hardware than in wired, maybe our project will be useful for at least some of the members of this community. If so, then please support and share our campaign!

    More info can be found on the campaign page

    PS First revisions of the designs, which are now taking part in the campaign, were published on

    PS2 Important information about shipping: Crowd Supply pre-clears customs and pre-pais VAT for packages shipped to all EU countries, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada. This means backers from these countries will not have to pay anything more than the pledge level cost + the international surcharge and also will not have to pass any customs control.

    Gateway and moddules

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