Home Assistant and smartSleep

  • Hi,

    I am creating a battery driven alarm siren with led light flash. The thought specs for it is that it will listen for incoming messages from Home Assistant through the MySensors GW, when a message to drive the siren/alarm is received it will stay awake for a couple of minutes to wait further instructions. In order to achieve that I thought of using the smartSleep functionality, wake up every minute to look for messages from Home Assistant. If there is a message the device will instead of sleeping be awake powering the siren and led through a transistor plus waiting for new instructions.

    According to my understanding and tests HA should be able to buffer messages to be sent once the device is awake. Functionality according to I_PRE_SLEEP_NOTIFICATION and I_POST_SLEEP_NOTIFICATION in docs.

    The problem I face is that the first message is delivered, once the siren or led is switched ON. Then when the device is awake, no more I_PRE_SLEEP_NOTIFICATION and I_POST_SLEEP_NOTIFICATION will be sent from the device. After that it seems like HA is not sending messages at trigger, I guess just buffering and waiting for pre and post sleep commands.

    Is this expected behavior?, am I wrong?, is there a way to reset what I guess is a smartSleep flag on the device in HA? Is there any other workarounds that is feasible?

    Basically what I want to do, smartSleep and wake up every minute, if a message is received the device will be awake for a minute, when certain conditions are fulfilled the device will smartSleep again and the cycle is restarted.

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