Ultrasonic sensor JSN-SR04T

  • We are facing some issues as well as we have some queries related to Ultrasonic sensor Module Integration with ESP32.

    In JSN-SR04T, STM8S003F3P6 controller is used and 8 pulses of 40 kHz signal is generated from the controller & given to transmitting part of the circuit. The transmitting side Vpp voltage is nearly 96V when we use STM8S003F3P6. The maximum distance is 600 Cm.

    We are trying to interface with ESP32 controller. We generated 8 pulses of 40Khz from ESP32 and we are getting 70V as Vpp. The only change is STM8S003F3P6 from JSN-SR04T is replaced by ESP32. We are getting 213 Cm as a maximum distance.

    Please give me a suggestion on how to increase the sensor distance?

    Thank you!

  • I haven't used that one, but here: https://www.elecrow.com/water-proof-integrated-ultrasonic-ranging-module-jsnsr04t-p-1151.html it says that 450cm is the max range, so you're aactually getting better than specified, by a good margin.

    But with the ESP32 I don't know why it would go down in voltage, though I have a suspicion.

    But are you really seeing those kinds of voltages and those aren't typos? I have some of the non-waterproof versions of the sensor, but I've never checked their voltages on the board. It just surprises me that they would have that much boost on-board. That could be quite a safety hazard if someone were to touch the wrong part.

    However, what voltage input does the STM8S003F3P6 board run at? I see that it can handle up to 5.5V, where the ESP32 is strictly lower. If the STM8S003F3P6 board is about 5V while the ESP32 is about 3.3V, that's pretty close to the same ratio difference between the output voltages that you're seeing.

    If that's the case then you just need to run the sensor at the higher voltage, and deal with level shifting the I/O. Though I saw mention of triggering the board with only 2.5V, so you might only need to worry about putting a voltage divider on the output of the sensor and calling it good.

  • We have tried connecting JSN-SR04T circuit with Arduino instead of STM8S003F3P6. We obtained Vpp as 92V but we are not getting maximum distance.

  • To provide a large enough pulse to drive the ceramic transducer , you need a lot of energy, so they pump up the 5v with an inductor/transformer to provide a high voltage pulse. This is 60v or more…
    The more Energy you produce the farther the pulse will travel….

    Everything thing else on the board run at 3.3 to 5V.

    Add a large Capacitor of 100 µF are so between the 5v and ground on the device, this may clean up your problem.. Some CPU modules just can’t supply enough current quick enough that’s needed when the pulse is triggered.

    These are very inexpensive device, we’re luck to see them work at 1/2 the spec range.

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